On my way to work after enjoying my Cafe Latte by the pool, I would like to say Happy New Year to all of you from Abu Dhabi! Stay tuned for more Exec Travel updates in 2013!



Just got into 9K, last seat on the right side in Business Case, and it’s not bad. Not bad at all, actually. Even before I was seated, I was asked if I would like to have a glas of champagne….an offer I couldn’t turn down, of course. A complete stranger to me, Arlaux Premier Cru Brut Grande Cuvee, but it was quite pleasant. I am sure there will be another one coming my way soon, eventhough it is working day tomorrow.


Only a few days until I will be leaving Abu Dhabi for my 5-day long Christmas break. Getting into the Christmas spirit down here is not easy; desert everywhere, 25 degrees everyday and a great tan on everybody! Luckily, our 5-star Millenium hotel has done their best to get us all jolly before the holiday period sets in!



After a fantastic week here in Malmoe, I am about to leave for Abu Dhabi again. I have really enjoyed being with my lovely family again, and I can’t wait until I see them again in Spain for Christmas!

What is it with water that makes me so relaxed? It doesn’t matter if I am on the beach, by the pool, or at home in my own garden, where I have a small waterfall in the fishpond, it just calms me down to be around water. I was very pleased to see that the Westin hotel, located on the golf course of Abu Dhabi had not one, but two lovely pools, just waiting for me, when I checked in. Today I have promised myself, not to worry about the clients challenges ahead, and just unwind and clear my head. And what better place to do this than by the pool….



Just done with my morning swim in the roof top pool at this beautiful hotel; lovely spacious suites with Espresso machine, state-of-the-art Entertainment system, very nice tub and a cosy balcony on top of the F1 track! A great way of starting a day that will be very challenging….

Now, I did manage to spend a full month at home, and what a month it has been. Lots of time for the children, for my wife and for doing all the stuff that I did not manage to do earlier this year. Like putting in a new heating system in the house, or removing all the old ivy that was about to take over the garden, or being present at the evening meetings at my sons kinder garten. But now it is back to reality again. If reality is boarding a flight to Dubai, spending the night at a hotel at the Marina, having a kick-off meeting with my Middle East colleagues in the morning, and then, start spending some serious time with our important client. You will not hear me complaining, but it has been a very nice time, and hopefully, my family has enjoyed it as well. I am looking forward to seeing them again soon.

And, by the way, this is the view from the breakfast area of the hotel we are staying at…